Milkman: A Request/Response Workbench

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Craft and organize your requests to any kind of technology...

Milkman is heavily inspired by Postman. But I got sick of all those electron-based applications that need ages and loads of memory to start up. Therefore i created a JavaFx-based workbench for crafting requests / responses. It is not limited to e.g. http (or more specifically rest) requests. Due to nearly everything being a plugin, other things are possible, like database-requests or GRPC, GraphQl, etc...

Screenshot of Milkman light theme

Screenshot of Milkman dark theme

New features regularly

There are more and more plugins/features coming.

Please follow this space for updates!

Contributions welcome!

If you have any ideas about how to improve Milkman, you are welcome to open a Pull Request, an Issue or just ask in Discussions

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