Milkman Nosql Plugin

Introduces NoSql Requests to Milkman using JNoSql.

Introduces Nosql Requests to Milkman using JNoSql.


After placing the jar into \plugin folder, you also have to place the driver-jars you want to use in that folder as well.




  • Integration of jnosql query language
  • support for key-value databases (e.g. dynamodb, redis, memcache,…)
  • support for document databases (e.g. couchbase, )
  • support for column databases (e.g. cassandra, )
  • (planned) support for graph databases (via Apache tinkerpop, supporting databases like neo4j)
  • (planned) exploration of table structures / existing tables.

Setup examples


you need to add these artifacts into the plugin folder (refering to my dynamodb jnosql driver)


# if you use `aws sso login`

for a nosql request, you need to configure these parameters:

jnosql.document.provider: com.github.warmuuh.jnosql.dynamodb.DynamoDBDocumentConfiguration
jnosql.dynamodb.region: eu-central-1
jnosql.dynamodb.profile: my_profile

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