Slack Integration

Slack-integration for milkman

Milkman supports slack-integration via a slackbot.

You can either host it yourself or use the heroku-hosted instance:

Add to Slack


Once added to your workspace, you can share a private-bin export url via:

/milkman <privatebin-url>


It will nicely render the shared request and offers several ways for viewers to use the request, such as viewing the request as curl-command or http-request.

Preview of a request in slack

and users can choose how to view the request:

Quick-export of a request directly in slack.

it also supports all other request types, such as gRPC:

Example of a Grpc request in slack


More features are planned, such as:

  • execution of requests on backend
  • support for burn-after-reading in privatebin
  • more templates
Last modified July 14, 2022: fixed more stuff (2163b5a)