Milkman Test Plugin

Testing of Requests

a testrunner plugin that allows to execute multiple requests in a sequence and verify their results.


Just Drag-and-drop requests you want to execute into the test-tab and you are ready to go.


Example of the Testrunner plugin


On execution, a separate environment only for this test-run will be created, so everything written to the current environment. For differentiation in scripts, a __TEST__ = true variable is also added to the current environment.

Example test that is only executed on test-runs:

if (mm.getEnvironmentVariable("__TEST__")){
  var json = JSON.parse(mm.response.body.body)'name')"Leanne Graham")


This plugin is still in early development, so it might not seem to contain a lot of features. They will be added on-the-go when the need / issue arises.

Last modified July 14, 2022: fixed gifs (77cd125)